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Four Cam Engineering

Rock Light Mount

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Include Hardware (M8x1.25) Stainless bolts, nuts
Powdercoat (matte black)


Universal Rock Light Mount

Sold in sets of TWO mounts, hardware and powder coat is optional. 


The most Over-Engineered rock light mount ever produced?

We think so!

When we set out to create our own universal rock light mount we had a couple goals.

-Make it fit the major light brands
-Make it easy to install
-Keep it simple

The proprietary window cutout enables the end user more options and areas to install this mount, while keeping it easy to install.

During an install in tight spaces, just slide a wrench through the integrated cutout and tighten, average wrench will achieve 4 clicks during full range of motion within the cutout.

Key features-

  • 1/8” 5052 Aluminum or 10 ga. CRS Steel is available
  • Harness cutouts
  • Wrench cutout for easy installation 

Tested and Designed to work with-

  • KC Hilights Cyclone
  • Baja Designs Rock light
  • Rigid Ind. Rock light


Material Info-

5052 Aluminum 

  • Used in Marine and medical applications for chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Can be formed easily

CRS Steel

  • Weldable
  • Can be formed easily
  • Used in household appliances 
  • Recommend optioning for powder coat if you are not welding this bracket due to low corrosion resistance 


This is an aftermarket part, install at own risk. We are not responsible for damages this product may cause to vehicle or tools during or after installation. Coat all bare metal to inhibit corrosion or further damage. 


We offer a 2 Year hassle free warranty for all parts associated in this kit, we will not cover corrosion to bare metal. Or damaged mounts from rocks/debris.