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Four Cam

Driveline Seal Installer Kits

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Driveline Seal Installer

What is it?

            - 3D printed from PETG with a specifically designed infill to take hits and forces normally exerted during a seal installation. 

            - Each installer is carefully designed around specific seals with end stops to keep the seal at the correct depth during installation.

           - Colors dictate use, 

                            -Yellow: Front axle

                            -Orange: Transfer case

                            -Red: Rear axle



Seal Part #'s,

            - Front IFS Output seal installer is made for,

                   Toyota Part # (90311-47027) -Driver/Passenger Output Seal

                    Fits 1995-2022 Toyota Trucks/SUV's

            - Transfer Case Output Seal installers are made for,

                    Toyota Part # (90312-23001) -Front/Rear Yoke seal

                    Fits 1988-2022 Toyota Truck/SUV's

                    Toyota Part # (90311-41012) -Front Output Seal

                     Fits 1988-2009 Toyota Truck/SUV's

                    Toyota Part # (90311-41020) -Rear Output Seal

                     Fits 1988-2022 Toyota Truck/SUV's

           - Rear Axle Shaft seal installer is made for,

                    Toyota Part # (90310-50006) -Driver/Passenger axle

                    Fits 1984-2006 Toyota Live Axle Trucks/SUV's


What is included? 


Full Kit includes-

            -Front IFS output seal installer

            -Front Transfer case output seal installer

            -Rear Transfer case output seal installer

            -Transfer case yoke seal installer

            -Rear Axle shaft seal installer

            -3/8" Extension adapter (knuckle saver)

            -Magnetic holders for all tools listed above


Individual Kits include-

          -Respective Seal installing tool

          -Magnetic holder

          -3/8" Extension adapter (Knuckle Saver)


Tech info-

Front axle seal installer was made to be used with a long 3/8" extension. Hammer extension using included (Knuckle Saver) and drive seal in until an audible hard stop. Remove installer and confirm the correct depth and is even all around. 


Transfer Case seal installer kit comes with Three different tools, Yoke, Front and Rear output.

Yoke tool has a 1/2" square drive with a stepped ring to hold yoke seal. Drive seal until tool is flush with face of yoke. 

Front output seal installer is designed specifically for the front seal, the inner and outer rings are mad to sit flush and wrap around output shaft. using the same 24mm socket to drive the seal in until an audible hard stop. remove installer and insure depth. 

Rear Output installer was specifically designed for the rear output seal and installs the same way as the front. 


Rear axle shaft seal installer was made to capture the seal and be used with a 3/8" extension to drive seal in with the supplied (Knuckle Saver) and hammer until an audible hard stop. 



This is a 3D printed tool designed as a cost effective, and easy way for hobbyists to maintain their vehicles. This PETG filament can take a good amount of abuse but is not a replacement for Aluminum or steel tools and should be treated as such. 

I have personally coated these tools in axle grease and then sprayed them down with brake clean to test its ability for chemical resistance. I can confirm it held up to brake clean on 3 separate uses, but it is not guaranteed to withstand more than that. Recommend cleaning with soap and water to ensure colors and material composition do not degrade. 

Hit with hammer at own risk! always use the supplied Knuckle savers to keep from damaging tools and 3/8" extensions.


Warranty Info: The seal installing tools are protected under our 2 Year replacement guarantee. We will send a new one no questions asked if tool breaks. we will not replace the installer if it is damaged from chemical cleaning supplies such as brake clean or parts cleaner.