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Four Cam

Topo Vinyl

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3M 2080 Vinyl with Topo Graphic 

This vinyl will not be installed by us. When ordered with a vent solution it will be included in the box and installed by the customer. 

2010-2022 4Runner models- 2 pieces of Vinyl is included with the order. They are not side specific. Can be installed in any orientation. 


  • Made by Beyond Wraps for Four Cam 
  • Clean surface with Isopropyl alcohol 
  • Apply with pressure
  • Use a heat source to activate adhesive


Warning: This vinyl will not stick to surface with out heat and pressure. Surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly.


Disclaimer: We are not responsible for vinyl failing to adhere, or if the vinyl delaminates from the surface. Use at your own risk. This vinyl is not covered under warranty.