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Four Cam Engineering

Cabin Vent Cover

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What is Included?

-Required number of Vent Covers 

-Small Tube of Super Glue to affix cover to vent   

3G4R, Sequoia- 1 Vent cover included

ALL other models- 2 Vent Covers are included


All orders include: Vent Cover, 1 sticker, A PLA printed keychain and a fun size bag of candy


What is a Cabin Vent?  

 -Your vehicle has either 1 (3G4R, Sequoia) or 2 (all other models) Vents located in the quarter panel behind the rear bumper. These vents allow air to escape when shutting your door. Or when the blower motor is on, it provides a path for air to flow. This is crucial for air flow and to remove smells.

Without this vent, air is essentially trapped in the vehicle. Trapped air in the vehicle can be a hazardous situation if you have a leak in your exhaust up stream of the catalytic converter. or when shutting your doors it can cause your ears to pop from excess pressure. 


Why do I need a Vent Cover?

-After a few trips off-road or in a dusty environment in general. You will notice your rear cargo area has accumulated lots of dust, even though your A/C Controls were set to recirc. and your windows were rolled up the entire time.

This dust gets into your cabin through the vents in the quarter panel. Either from the vents breaking apart over time, or from the rubber flap not sealing properly. As your driving down the road, wind will make this flap move around and as this is happening your tires are kicking up all kinds of dust and debris straight into the vent. This applies to Vehicles with factory bumpers as well. But if your vehicle has any type of aftermarket bumper the coming into your cabin is even worse.


How will a Vent Cover help?

-After studying how air acts around the vent we designed our Vent Cover to have the vent holes to face the rear of the vehicle, having this configuration creates a venturi effect as air, water rushes past the vent. This enables the dust to be pulled out of the vent area and ensures the cabin stays clean. 

With a vent cover installed on your existing vent this ensures your flap does not move in the wind, prolonging the life of the vent flap and ensuring it keeps a tight seal when air is not exiting the vent. 


What is our Vent Cover Made out of?

-We use only the best quality PETG filament with high dimensional accuracy. During our development phase we tested throughout the Summer in Phoenix AZ. and during the 120f days we found the 3D printed parts to have no visible or noticeable warpage or material degradation. 



- We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all products we manufacture. this warranty is not applicable to the OEM vents that we purchase from toyota. 

If you experience a 3D printed part to fail, come unglued, or have layer adhesion issues we will replace the part no questions asked. 

This warranty does not apply if your Vent was crushed by boulder that you are trying to squeeze through and other similar situations.