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Four Cam Engineering

4th Gen DIY Vent Solution

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4runner DIY Kit

Fits 2003-2009 4Runners

What's included:

             - Two vent covers

             - Two integrated filters and retention clips

             - Alcohol wipes and 2-Part plastic bonder

What's required prior to install:

              - Two original, good condition pressure vents

              - Flat head screwdriver or a Sharp blade/razor




Product Description:

This product solves a major hidden issue during all driving conditions of your vehicle; dust intrusion. 

Sure, dust intrusion is not a problem to most vehicle owners.

But, if you're one of those owners who enjoy keeping your interior clean and spot free, or you just invested a big chunk of your hard earned money on a very nice platform/drawer system, and you're looking to keep it in great condition, then our dust prevention product line is perfect for you. 


What is the DIY kit? And what is different from the Complete Kit that retails for $279.99? 

First off, the complete kit was created for the old decerped vehicles where the o.e.m vent is broken/missing. Or, if you enjoy a simple clip in installation.  (Note, if your vent is broken or missing, the DIY kit is not for you). 


The DIY kit was developed as a cost effective solution for customers that have good, working original vents. And don't mind 5 minutes of additional labor to break apart the original vents and install our vent covers and filter modules. 


The DIY kit is 3D printed PETG in house at our manufacturing facility located in Palm Springs, CA. The filter material is manufactured by UNI-FILTER and is a washable, oiled 60ppi mesh material. also made in the U.S.A. 



Remove the original vents. With some force, separate the outer cover from the main body of the vent, utilizing a flathead screwdriver to pry the pieces apart. If using a blade/razor, cut the 8 glued tabs from the top and separate the pieces. Clean the main body vent with supplied wipes until clean. Apply plastic bonder to vent and activator to cover, join pieces together and let glue cure (1hr). Install vents on to vehicle. Your vehicle is now 99% dust free. 



Lifetime warranty applies to all 3D printed parts, if installed by customer improperly and breakage results warranty is void. If smashed by a rock during offroad activities warranty is void. If glue separates and no longer holds cover on to vent, warranty will not replace the cover. (recommend to purchase same plastic bonder and re-glue cover on.) 

Warranty covers material degradation, and failure of layers, or peeling apart from itself. This is a DIY part, read instructions and watch install video before attempting to install product. We are not responsible to damage of vehicle.